System Management

Since establishment, Sifon has been following the goal of producing high-quality products and adhering to the business concept and objective of “quality is the life of an enterprise”. Strict quality control has been exercised on each of our production link which is from the very source - material purchase. We have also formulated strict production requirements and quality standard for all our production processes, which has put into place a strict and outstanding quality management system and a quality assurance system. Moreover, we have been adhering to the PDCA management circulation model and a strong customer focus whilst keeping revising and improving our quality management system and quality guarantee system continuously. We have also worked to make sure all our quality requirements are implemented in place and to hold quality meeting on a regular basis, so that all our staff members will understand and implement our product quality requirements and our company will turn out reliable products for consumers.   
As all the aspects our basic management were going on in a healthy way in 2014 and in order to prove we are capable enough in stably supplying products that can meet the customer requirements and the applicable laws and regulations and in raising our present production management model and business level, Sifon has, in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system - requirements, put into place an operation system that is highly effective and has been widely adopted across the world, which has received the system certification of third parties.
From then on, guided by the objective of pursuing outstanding quality, Sifang has made intensified effort in making large investments in technology and in brand construction, and at the same time, has strengthened cultivation of employees’ technique, improved technologies continuously and endeavored to develop new products, which are directed at allowing our product quality to meet the standard requirements. Furthermore, we have been implementing the ISO9001:2008 quality management system in an all-round way and have kept and constantly improved our corporate quality system. Over the years, we have received the high reputation of many big customers, such as BOE, CSOT, and ULVAC for more than once.       
In addition to striving to upgrade our product quality, Sifang spares no effort in shouldering responsibility for both the society and the environment. Sticking to the policy of “branded Sifon, green home, system guarantee and risk precontrol”, we have been fulfilling our commitment to environmental protection and the occupational health and safety of our employees, that is, we shall do no harm to the environment, create a green production environment, ensure production safety and employees’ physical and psychological health and turn Sifang into a responsible enterprise. In accordance with the ISO14000:2004 and the GB/T28001-2011 management system, in 2016, we have established an environment and occupational health and safety management system more in line with our production and operation. In the middle of 2016, the system has smoothly passed the examination by certification organization as a third party.