Technical Strength

With a total investment of 160 million Yuan, our company covers a floor space of 32 mu and has a total workforce of 97. We also have an office and R&D building (6,000 m2) as well as four standard workshops (17,000 m2 in all). Sifon is also equipped with a complete range of high-purity metal target production equipment for such processes as powder selection, flour blending, molding, sintering, rolling, and mechanical processing. Now we are capable of producing 1,200 tons of molybdenum target material and 500 tons of other metal target material every year.    
Since establishment, Sifon has been keeping a close watch on the technical improvement, potential need and technological progress in the tungsten and molybdenum field at home and abroad. We also commit to the development of new technologies directed at raising production efficiency and product quality as well as  environmental protection and energy saving. To keep pace with the advanced technical level of the world, we have not only been vigorously carrying out independent development, but also established close cooperation with Zhengzhou University, Henan University of Science and Technology, Huanghe S&T College and other colleges and universities. We have also invited related experts and professors as our technical advisers and our company has served as the base for the practice of undergraduates and graduate students of the above schools in an effort to contribute to in-depth cooperation. All these have greatly upgraded our technological innovation ability. Through development over the past ten-odd years, now Sifon has become a technological innovation-based enterprise in the refractory metal industry and boasts more than ten patented technologies with independent intellectual property. Moreover, our production level in this realm has basically reached the world level and has partially surpassed the production level of China.