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Yao Lijun: fill the Chinese super high purity metal and the blank of sputtering target materials

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Ultra high purity metal materials is a necessary raw materials for the semiconductor industry, large enterprises are also the us serious monopoly, semiconductor industry dependence of key materials in our country. Someone joked, the semiconductor chip industry of our country from China in addition to water and air, the rest of the all equipment, materials and technology from abroad.
The country needs the development of semiconductor industry, it is the cornerstone of national security and all of the information industry. Now, in the national "one thousand program" experts, jiangfeng led electronic Yao Lijun founder, 2014 jiangfeng electronics has realized the low oxygen mass production of ultra high purity titanium, broke the blockade of multinational enterprises of our country, such as the USA and Japan, makes our country the third in the world capable of producing low oxygen ultra high purity titanium. Construction completed 23000 square meters production base of high purity titanium, independent design and manufacture the low oxygen ultra high purity titanium smelting electrolysis equipment, has completed more than gun cooling bed of electron beam melting equipment installation, developed with independent intellectual property rights of low oxygen ultra high purity titanium refining, casting, and analysis testing, etc. The core technology.
In terms of scientific and technological innovation, a series of breakthrough in Yao Lijun lead the team.
Successful completion of the national 02 major projects (300 mm silicon wafers process with Al, Ti, Ta target material manufacturing technology research and development and industrialization of the project acceptance, research and development of successful products to replace imported, represented smic semiconductor companies in the country is widely used, the market share of more than 50%. Undertake national major projects (300 mm silicon wafers 45-28 nm wiring series sputtering target materials with super high purity) project has significant progress, Ta target material, Cu target material success through world-class semiconductor companies such as TSMC, jiangfeng series products in world class represented by TSMC most apex process for batch application of semiconductor companies, products directly used for iphone6, audi, Toyota and other high-end terminal products.
Fill in LCD flat panel display (LCD) material industry in China in the blank, the development of ultra high purity aluminum sputtering target materials for a major breakthrough, the end of the history of our country's long-term dependence on imported materials from Japan. Jiangfeng electronic production by G6 and G8.5 generation ultra high purity aluminum target material success by Beijing Oriental (hefei factory) respectively, and the evaluation of the huaxing photoelectric (shenzhen factory), production line to realize application on the client, jiangfeng electronics is China's first generation can produce high flat display industry with super high purity of target enterprises, made a significant contribution to the development of relevant industries in China.
Major breakthroughs were made in construction of independent intellectual property rights. 2014 annual Yao Lijun 27 as the first patent inventor authorized patents (including 21 invention patents), apply for a patent for invention 59 (including 54 invention patents). China nonferrous metals industry science and technology progress award, ningbo science and technology progress award.
Into local enterprise pay taxes through the six top, products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia and Taiwan, sales rose 76%, enterprise complete the shareholding system reform, achieves the a-share listing requirements.

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